Congratulations Benedict for your third Emmy nomination!
“A fantastic early birthday present! Can’t wait to come and sweat on the red carpet, applaud everyone else winning. And then get drunk and dance. Hurray!”

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Here’s some of our favourite Cumberbits for those who are not in San Diego and/or are too busy to get lost in the magical world of social media and YouTube to see all these things.

We’ll be publishing more posts covering all the other fun things we’ve spotted, so keep an eye out!

In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at Mr. Cumberbatch’s trip to San Diego! 

Here we go. So this guy


attended the San Diego Comic Con for the very first time and his appearance got many people very excited:



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He is completely mesmerizing. Yes, there’s the preparation; the extraordinary intellectual and technical graft. Yes, there’s the emotional and physical range but there is something else that I find impossible to define. It is his and his alone.Chiwetel Ejiofor on Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting (x)


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Series 3 + Sherlock’s collection of shirts.

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Benedict Cumberbatch at the press line for Dreamworks’ Penguins of Madagascar at the San Diego Comic Con 2014 (x)

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We are addicted. There's no shame in it. Come forth one and all to enjoy the beauty that is Benedict Cumberbatch.

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